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Sarah Goodwin
Essex Manufacturing Growth Manager
– Manufacturing Growth Programme

Having started her career in the equestrian world Sarah moved into media and became sales director for an independent regional newspaper.

Sarah helped take the company from relatively unknown, to competing with internationally owned publications. The industry had not changed for many years, and she is proud to have been part of a disruptive company, changing customer perceptions and winning large contracts as a result.

For her part, it was Sarah’s commitment to building a collaborative team that were and felt valued that she believes created the mindset that had a positive impact to the business.  By being open to ideas the company managed to find new and innovative ways to distribute, market and build relationships which earned them recognition in the industry.

Using this knowledge and experience Sarah launched her own magazine for parents of children in education, earning industry awards along the way. The team was at the heart of this company and together they created a dynamic and rewarding business.

Today, Sarah is proud to work for The Manufacturing Growth Programme, supporting manufacturers with their plans for growth.  Innovation is at the heart of many of these businesses and she has an appreciation of the challenges they face, and particularly in today’s climate. Sarah relishes working these businesses to help them achieve their ambitions and notes that it is the ones with a strong employee culture embedded in the business that are often the most innovative, being adaptable to change and improvements.

Three things I like about innovation:

  1. All innovation is creative, often stemming from an idea that seems impossible to start with. It is the ability to bring an idea to life that is the core of innovation, it is hard work and I have huge respect for innovative people.
  2. Innovation creates opportunities, for new business or solving problems and finding solutions for success.
  3. Innovative people set themselves apart, often taking risks and always with a drive that some of us can only dream of.