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james cracknell

James Cracknell
– The Weave

James has been involved in innovation spanning many years, from the late 1970’s to the current innovation economy of today. Working in the travel and tourism industry he created a new foreign exchange forecasting technology that improved efficiencies and ultimately got him noticed in the City. He was fortunate that the financial service industry was going through massive change in the 1980’s and beyond. This dynamic and meritocratic culture attracted him as it welcomed experimentation and a constant stream of new ideas that often pushed the boundaries of possibility.

For nearly 30 years he was working in the field of innovation in financial management. Alongside applying his experience, he backed up this practice with academia with a focus on the field of innovation and change.

He currently holds a post-graduate diploma in Systems Thinking and is finishing his Master in April. This provides a holistic approach to change, centred on innovation and the inclusion of new technologies. He is focused on bringing open innovation to this region through The Weave’s highly innovative entrepreneurial events programme. James is working with student startups as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Essex and with aspirational entrepreneurs through Colbea. 

Three things James likes about innovation

  1. How relevant it is to personal aspiration and how it responds to human need
  2. That it is always moving forward but can often spring forth from the past
  3. That business knows that it is needed but often cannot see how it can be achieved