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Essex Dog Training

If someone had of said to me at the beginning of the pandemic
that I would be training dogs with the use of technology, then I
would not of believed them.

I have always been very passionate about what I do and always
work for the love of the dogs and always knew in my mind that
the way I was working was always going to generate a hand to
mouth income and be very weather dependent and yet I still
had ambition and drive to make a full-time dependable income
from it. I had to work cleverer as harder was not an option.

The pandemic gave me the kick I needed and the time and
focus I needed on the business. Let’s face it we either had to sit
and cry or move forward. I finally had the time to write the book
series I had always dreamed about and give another strand of
income, and this also gave a cheaper method to dog owners
who may not be able to access direct trainer. I now have several
options available for the various methods available for people to
train their dogs and equally important I have a sustainable
income that is not weather and environment dependable!

To be recognised as one of the innovators by BEST gave me
massive self confidence and the fact that I am now writing on
my new company letterhead planning the launch of the new
franchise business I am simply speechless.

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