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Arma Karma – Gold NOVO Awards winners in the Environment Stream 2021

Arma Karma began with the idea that insurance can be transformed in such a way that it could have a positive impact on not just customers, but in being more ethically-centred.  

Fast forward two years, and founders Ben Smyth and Chris Frogner were ready to launch a monthly subscription to protect the things that actually matter to people wherever they go, inside, outside and abroad. This aimed to serve not only renters, who were going without any kind of insurance, apart from maybe an extra benefit that comes with their bank-account, but also worthwhile causes, with 25% of commission revenue going to a charity of the subscribers’ choice.

From lightbulb moment to going live, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes at Arma Karma. The business fostered eight charity partnerships with the goal of raising £1million collectively for these organisations over the next three years.

They’ve cultivated an innovative yet natural customer journey to onboard new subscribers, while reducing fraud through integrated risk management. The result is a truly unique product designed to make things easier for renters.

Currently, Arma Karma has 737 trees planted by Ecologi in a forest that grows with every positive customer review!

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